just done:

"Power Rangers", 26th season U.S. action/sci-fi, Nick

"Baptiste", Brit. thriller-series, BBC/STARZPLAY

"Les yeux sans visage", horror classic, historic ADR, Arte

"Okko's Inn", Japan. anime feature, KAZÉ

"The Animal Detectives", Dutch heroes' tales series, KIKA

"Undercover", 1st season, Belg. crime-dramedy, ZDFneo

"Mr. Rock 'n Roll: The Alan Freed Story", Netflix

"Escape of Prisoner 614", u.s. western comedy, Studio Hamburg Ent.

"Louise by the Shore", French animation feature, Arte

"Bonding", 1st season, U.S. dramedy, Netflix

"Yuna and the Haunted Hot Springs", 1st season, KAZÉ

"The Bold Type", 3rd season, U.S. drama-series, Amazon Prime

"Ancient Magus Bride", Japan. anime, Crunchyroll

"Nate is Late", French.-Austral. animation-series, SuperRTL